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The Greatest Story Never Told: Author Gives New View Of The Biblical Origins Of Good And Evil In The Bible

VALLEJO, CA, Mar. 06, 2014

Lonnie Hicks, in a work of historical fiction, gives us an alternative version of the birth of good and evil from the point of view of God's wife--Lilith.

Hicks adapts his historical fiction novel around Lilith, her bewitchment by Lucifer, God's most favored angel. This sets into a motion a chain of events where a child is conceived and God exiles both to Earth after an all-out war in heaven. At the end of the celestial bloodshed, Lucifer, Lilith, and all the angels who sided with them were transmogrified into hideous beasts and banished to the yet volcanically violent Earth. Lucifer becomes a reddened, horned monster with the face and horns of a goat and a pitchfork tail, while Lilith was doomed to crawl on her belly as a serpent. Thus begins an engrossing retelling of creation, from the development of Earth to the evolution of humanity, to Jesus' role on earth. This is "The Greatest Story Never Told" of the battle on earth between Lilith, God, and Lucifer for the soul of human beings. This is the back-story of all of the major events in the bible and notions of good and evil from Lilith's point of view.

In The Gospel What liveliness and energy! With your Ascendant, you usually assert your individuality with boldness and without shams. According to Lilith, Hicks' mythical exploration of the origins of good and evil will lead readers to discover a fresh, bold, point of view regarding God, the Creation, and even Lucifer, and we discover that Lilith is the silent heroine of both the old and new testaments. Her emergence saves mankind and offers us new understandings of good and evil in this astounding work. If you haven't read the bible cover to cover , read this book to gain perspective on what is going on.

For more information interested parties can log on to www.lonniehicks.com or go to Amazon.com and search on Lonnie Hicks. Review copies and interview requests honored.

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About the Author
Lonnie Hicks born in Chicago, graduated Howard University and received an MBA from UC Berkeley. He has taught courses, including the bible, in Institutional Studies classes in the Bay Area.



Author: Lonnie Hicks
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