Dec 15

Selected Poetry

"Words to Live By--Uncle Dan"

Don't think too much;
you are not that smart anyway;
day-dream more,
that makes you
smarter, if you believe in it.
Einstein did.

Don't be too obsequiously humble
it implies you are great enough to need
to be.

Don't be too wise;
it upsets people
hold back a little
you seem smarter that way.

Don't try to look too good
people will see you only
as good for looking good.

Make one or two good
too many and you
will acquire enemies posing
as friends.

Don't think too much
about the Future
you'll stumble over Right Now
won't get to the Future at all.

Love your parents
even if they don't deserve it
because you have to have
some love
to give some love.

Remember is Karma is Karma
is Karma

Don't get all hung up
on bad and good
pretty soon you won't
have any friends.

Kiss and hug
all the children
all the time.

People are not a movie.
People are real
and they are not in your movie.

Don't watch television--
interrogate television

Open  the blinds;
it'll prove you don't have
secret powers

You can't be cute
past 16.

Don't kiss in the dark
if you are not willing
to kiss in the light.

Wonder why and why
at all times.

Smile at someone
for no reason;
remember how
much it meant
when it happened to you?

Don't try to be sexy;
be sexy.

Get low with animals
and children;
get on the floor.

Let someone else
shine sometimes.

Shut up
You don't have to talk
just because you can.

Don't eat anything
bigger than your head.

Don't eat without chewing good.

Don't eat just to be nice.
Control what goes into your body
you are going to need it a long time.

Nobody is better than you
even if they think so;
and you are no better than
anyone else
even if you think so.

Want what you need;
it works out best that way
and need, too,
what you want.

Kiss slow
run fast
and play for keeps.

You're not that hot;
just backed up
to the oven.

If someone
makes you laugh til you pee
marry 'um.

The rich are children;
they are really attached
to their lattes.

You can't go home
if you never come back.

You can get along with people
if you can be alone with people;

Your life is going to be
engraved on the inside lid
of online casino your casket.
Don't have it be blank.

You can get over yourself
if you get naked
face a full-length mirror
turn around,
bend over
and look through your legs.

If Jesus came back
he'd go to some churches
and take his money back
and the collection plate too.

If someone calls you a name
ask for details;
what kind of cow?
Do you mean Jersey,
Holstein? casino polska
'Oh you don't know you say?
Then you are not only mean
but dumb too;
and ugly.'

You are old if you
don't want to get out of bed
in the morning-and depressed too.
If you do then you are young
no matter what your age.

The Kaikki pelit kaynnistyvat suoraan kasino n etusivulta yhdella hiiren hiiren napsautuksella tai ruudun tappayksella. perfect woman wears
a gingham dress.
The perfect man
wears only a smile.

Babies come naked
kids like to be naked
Grown ups have their most fun naked;
In the grave you will soon get naked.
There is something going on with naked.

When you come home
give a hug and a smile;
don't be a coward.

Kissing a pig
don't make bacon
and kissing rear-ends
don't make friends

Catch up;
I am so far behind you
I am ahead..

Wearing a watch
don't mean
you know what time it is.

If being smart made you happy
happy people would be smart
but they ain't
but they do know something
you don't.

I had an uncle Dan
who always said that a man
had to be taught
how to please a lady
by learning to say 'yes dear'
just like she means it.

I had an Auntie Sal
who always said that a woman
had to be taught how to please
a man
by learning to say 'yes dear'
just like he means it.

If you get down low and depressed
keep digging further down
because the earth is round
you're just going to China
the hard way
once you get there
you can write a book about it
and get rich
that way.

I like money
it just don't like me
keeps running away
hiding in
somebody else's wallet.

nothing happens
in life until somebody
falls in love
with something,
or somebody.

Joy is a happy smile
Best be yours.




"Feel Like A Simile Sometimes"

I feel like a train sometimes
that can't get no locomotin'

My wheels lumber
and my Ideals get stuck
in sideways roller motions.

I feel like the moon sometimes
beautiful but dead.

Feel like thinking sometimes
but get tangled up in emotions.

Feel like a bird sometimes
forgetting how to soar.

Feel like sleeping sometimes
and not getting up,
being in bed for a while.

Feel like Christmas when
someone gives me a smile.

Feel like feeling more
on certain days and times.

Feel like talking deep
and thinking light
laughing loud
and quiet.

Feel like feeling like
my best days

Feel like is feeling like
if a good poem rhymes

Feel like is feeling like
if the rhythm beats in time,
if my heart skips to music quips
and rejoins at the metered line.

Feel like
is feeling like
feeling is ok;
but feeling good or bad
without that like
is better;
like superior.
Like ok?

Author: Lonnie Hicks
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