Nov 29

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Lonnie Hicks has a master’s degree in Politics and an MBA from U.C. Berkeley. He has been writing books, articles, essays and has been performing his poetry in the San Francisco Bay area for over 20 years. He spent six years as the Chief Financial Officer of Pacifica Radio Network, the largest independent progressive radio network in the United States.
Mr. Hicks has completed fifteen works, including "The Obama Chronicles;"  "Politics, Poetry, Love and Sex in the Obama Age;" "Love, Its Wonderments, mobile casino Sufferings and Consummations;" "Letters from Earth;" and others. His latest, a novel, is casino "The Gospel According to Lilith" an astounding work of historical fiction, which re-creates the entire back-story of the bible from the point of view of Lilith, God's wife in heaven. This is the Story Never Told. All the dots in bible are connected and we learn the origins of good and evil in human history. An original and astounding piece of work
Mr. Hicks lives in California.


Author: Lonnie Hicks
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